G. Christodoulou & Sons Ltd. was founded in 1955 by Mr Giannakis Christodoulou and was mainly involved in the import of building materials sanitary ware.

The company was later involved in the land development and residential building along with shipping and many more. Distinguished for its 30 years of industry expertise, the company was one of the largest companies involved in these activities on the island.

In 1981, the company was strengthened by Antonis Christodoulou, a graduate of Manchester University in the field of chemical engineering and physics. In 1987, the family established a regional winery in the wine village of Arsos, the first winery operating under EU specifications and funded by the World Bank. Within three years of operation, two of their wines were distinguished in a world wine competition in London and received two bronze medals, fully recognised by the EU.

In 1994, G. Christodoulou group of companies, anticipating the needs to introduce a new innovation in the market with the 19-litter warm and cold domestic water dispenser system, decided to engage in bottling and trading natural spring water as well.

To this end, the company bought a water source as well as a large area of uncultivated land around the source. This area is located at the foothills of LAONA mountain in the village of Arsos and has been designated by the Department of Urban Planning and Housing as an area of exceptional natural beauty.

This spring has been flowing for centuries.
LAONA is the name of the place from which the water got its name.

The company then built a factory which started to operate in 1998. The water is bottled directly at source, undergoes no industrial or chemical treatment and no ingredients are added or removed during the bottling process. The water comes from the rocky slopes stretching from the LAONA mountain range in Arsos all the way to the area of Pachna. This land is known as the “White Land”, the soils of which are the best natural water purifiers. Water analyses show that the water components are ideal for human consumption.

From the first day of registration, the plant has been subject to stringent standards and regulations for the HACCP ELOT 2001 certification and was later awarded the HACCP certification by the TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS Organisation.

Today, the company serves 7000 clients with water dispensers on a Pancyprian level. The technical department, upon evaluation, imports the most suitable professional refrigerators to distribute its water. According to the relevant regulations, customers’ water dispensers have to be sterilised every 3 to 6 months depending on the use. Therefore, the company decided to set up a sales department responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water dispensers for a better and faster customer-service.

Today, the company is the largest in Cyprus involved in this industry and the exclusive supplier to large foundations and organisations.